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Dual-use headphone -USB16

2022-04-04    Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd    0

The USB16 is the latest commercial headset to be launched on amazon. It has a 3.5mm plug and USB plug and is compatible with most electronic products, whether it is computer, Xbox, PS4/PS5Mac or mobile phone.

.USB plug, headset, business headset

The earphone body presents a black body, low-key and professional appearance and dual-use plug, more suitable for office and business people.  As the saying goes, clothes make the man, and the look of the headphones adds credibility to your abilities.  But it can also be used for other purposes, such as listening to music, playing games, chatting and so on, both adults and children can use, and the headset is light and nothing, reduce the pressure on the head

.USB plug, headset, business headset

[True stereo sound experience] THE USB16 headphones offer excellent 40mm audio drivers combined with advanced audio technology.  It provides high quality analog surround sound to make the user's gaming experience more intense.  With responsive audio drivers, you can better see where sounds are coming from, such as cars, opponents' footsteps, and scene indicators. 

[Noise cancelling and sensitive microphone for real time clear chat] Our headphones feature a sensitive adjustable microphone with noise cancelling technology.  The 3.5mm & USB dual headset business band Microphone can be met, changing most ambient noise in your environment and allowing live chat without any delay

.USB plug, headset, business headset

This USB16 gaming headset with a microphone for the laptop has an ergonomically optimized fit.  Padded headbands, soft and resistant ear pads and individually adjustable microheads hone to ensure maximum comfort.  Even after hours of intensive use, faux leather pads and headbands fit comfortably without injury. 

USB16 stereo surround sound is similar to 7.1 channel gaming headphones.  These can help you easily handle business work, matching equipment work anytime and anywhere.  We use high-quality copper wire to reduce transmission delay and distortion, and optimize the sound insulation design of the earmuffs to reduce the interference of external noise on the working sound.