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Wood earbuds, promotional earbuds ,Shenzhen custom earbuds

Earbud is very popular for youth nowadays ,you can see those people like wearing earbuds when they are in the bus or metro .but do you know how to use in case of avoiding hurt when we use earbuds?Our normal earbuds ,will effect our listening when we listened for long time without any protection for ears .While wood earbuds is environmental ,you will not feel discomfort even you listen for hours and nearly no hurt for us .when we use wood earbuds ,we can not only enjoy the happiness from music ,but also can protect the circulation of the blood and present the hurt from outside noisy .

wood earbuds

Generally speaking ,there are some rules we need care when we use normal earbuds:

1.Don’t listen long time with normal earbud
2.The volume cant be max ,we need adjuster fit volume to listen
3.Choose comfortable and less hurt for ears

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