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What is a headphone adapter and what does it do?

Headphone adapter, a tool used to convert jacks to make plugs compatible. 3.5mm plug can be adapted to Apple, Android, Type-c and other jack, unlimited listening to songs.

And what general MP3, computer, walkman uses is 3.5mm plug and interface, if earphone plug is 2.5mm use converter can make earphone connection is compatible.

Headphones fall into two categories: THE OMTP standard is usually called the national standard, and the CTIA is called the international standard. The difference between the two is that the last two sections of the plug GND and MIC are in reverse order.

CTIA headphones are compatible with OMTP devices. After the CTIA earphone is inserted into the OMTP device, the sound is low and distorted. After the MIC key is pressed, the sound is restored. This identifies the device as OMTP standard and the headphones as CTIA standard.

Earphone adapter, cat ear earphone,3.5mm plug

Headphones, Earphones; Headphones;  Head-sets;  Earpieces is a pair of conversion units that take signals from a media player or receiver and convert them into audible sound waves using speakers close to the ear. Headphones are usually detachable from the media player, connected by a plug.

The advantage is that you can listen to the sound alone without affecting others; It can also separate the sound of the surrounding environment, and it is very helpful for those who use it in the noisy environment such as recording studio, DJ, travel and sports. Earphones were originally designed for telephones and radios, but with the popularity of portable electronic devices, earphones are more commonly used in mobile phones, walkmen, radios, portable video games and digital audio players.

From the development of the audio industry as a whole, wireless earphone is still a new thing, the development time is not long, is still in the rising stage, user demand is constantly improving, users' expectations of wireless earphone are also increasing, this is a new test for the industry. Some of the things that users are most concerned about right now are sound quality, battery life and wireless capabilities,

Earphone adapter, cat ear earphone,3.5mm plug

From the point of view of data, wireless transmission capacity can basically meet the needs of the vast majority of users, and sound quality and battery life have great potential to improve, if we start from these two points to improve, I believe it will be easy to attract users' attention in the future.

Earphone adapter, cat ear earphone,3.5mm plug

If you want to apply our cat ear earphones, bear ear earphones, unicorn earphones, rhinoceros earphones, children's earphones to Apple and Huawei Type-C jack, in addition to buying our Bluetooth earphones, you need to buy a headset converter! Because our earphones start from the basic button model, and then gradually update the development of charging model and Bluetooth model, so some of the new models do not have bluetooth model. One earphone converter can adapt to all of our models, why are you still hesitant? Snap it up!

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