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TWS becomes trillions of " golden killers "

In the entire consumer electronics industry , TWS (True Wireless Stereo ) has the greatest potential for the past two years . A gold killer that surpasses smartphones in the growth rate of shipments , a must-have item for trendy men and women out of the street , the biggest nemesis of short videos , and an indispensable production tool for professional musicians-TWS , True wireless headset .

How hot is the TWS headset market ?

In major digital communities or platforms , using EDC (EveryDayCarry ) as a keyword search , mobile phones are the most frequently sent abroad , and wireless headsets rank second . Unlike smart watches and smart glasses , TWS headsets are relatively more demanding electronic products .

Data show that in 2020 , TWS headset shipments in mainland China will reach 31.5 million units , and the market will increase by 85% year-on-year compared to 2019 . During the same period , smartphone shipments of mainland China dropped by 11% . It is also worth not that in 2020 , the revenue of the AirPods product line reached 23.05 billion U.S. dollars . Some media compared this figure of the revenue of mainstream global technology companies . The revenue of AirPods is already very close to Netflix's total revenue . Revenue is equivalent to the revenue of two Uber and 0.6 Xiaomi . In the past May , Xiaomi , Huawei and others have concentrated their efforts to stage a wave of new TWS product release climaxes . Mobile phone manufacturers are entering TWS collectively . Behind this is the slowdown in the overall growth rate of the smartphone market , and TWS has gradually become a new revenue growth point .bluetooth headset


Although Apple's AirPods shipments still rank first in the world , Huawei , Xiaomi and other Android camps have driven the rapid growth of TWS headsets through the advantages of mobile phone shipments , and the products cover high , medium and low gears . TWS becomes trillions of " golden killers. "

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