True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset Olyre H8

True wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets are gradually becoming popular in the market because they are lighter and more portable. However, due to the problems of delay and channel positioning, true wireless headphones have been unable to enter the game field. However, with the continuous upgrading of Bluetooth technology, the current version has the characteristics of low delay, although it is technically impossible to achieve "0 delay" , but it can already meet the requirements of the game. Olyre has launched a H8 headset, which realizes the function of Bluetooth virtual positioning through stronger chips and better optimization, and brings true wireless headsets into the game field. Let's take a look at its performance.

Olyre H8, Wireless Bluetooth, gaming headset

The back of the Olyre H8 is the headphone compartment, which adopts a semi-closed upper cover, which is fixed by magnetic suction. The power compartment is moderate in size, comfortable to hold and easy to carry.

Olyre H8 Bluetooth headset, the left and right channels have their own charging positions, and the inner wall of the headset is consistent with the style of the headset. The connection between the earphone and the charging position is a wireless adsorption type, and the adsorption force is relatively moderate, and it is not difficult to access, but it will not fall when turned upside down. The two charging compartments of the earphones are completely independent. Put the earphones into the power compartment to start charging. When one of them is fully charged, the other will continue to work until it is fully charged. During the charging process, the indicator light of the earphones will be displayed as a breathing light. You can observe the charging status of the headset.

The first feeling after wearing the Olyre H8 Bluetooth headset is that it is quiet, the headset does not have the slightest current sound, and the sound insulation of the earplugs is also very good. Because the two headsets are connected wirelessly, the stethoscope effect is completely avoided, and the external interference is reduced to lowest.

Olyre H8, Wireless Bluetooth, gaming headset

Olyre H8 Bluetooth headset is even more outstanding in the performance of the game, because the headset adopts the professional game chip of Actions, it can present 7.1 is the simulated surround effect. Tried in a shooting survival game, the Olyre H8 headset can hardly feel the delay, and can not only distinguish the left and right environments, but also hear the sneak attacks behind itself, and even the sounds upstairs and downstairs in the room can be clearly distinguished. The earmuffs seal very well, and you hear a point, not a face. Very tinny sounds are captured in fast-paced fights. It can give you insight into opportunities and advance warning.

Olyre H8 Bluetooth headset is stylish in appearance, fully wireless Bluetooth connection, comfortable to wear, fast connection, and good call quality. It has an efficient adsorption charging function, which is convenient and practical. Professional-grade gaming Bluetooth chip, with short delay and accurate positioning, performs very well in games. Built-in more than 100 games, you can play at any time, the battery box has a built-in large-capacity battery, and the battery life is long. The built-in noise canceling calls are clearer, and it is a headset that perfectly integrates with games.

Olyre H8, Wireless Bluetooth, gaming headset

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