The Potentially Hot Trends for Headphones

WIFI / Satellite – Ability to connect directly to cloud music services without the need for ancillary device.

Sharing –Ability to share music that is being listened to on one set of headphone with others.

Bone Conduction – Lots of variations with the major driver being the ability to hear surrounding noise in addition to music by a button.

3D Audio / Surround Sound – Ability to provide surround sound such as what you might find in theater systems.

Smart – Merging the smart phone with headphones in order to create a smart audio phone.

Music Player –Combines the music player (iPod) with the headphones in order to remove the need for ancillary devices

Noise Cancellation – Ability to block out all surrounding noise or ability to block out most ambient noise but still hear important things.

Modular – Headphones that can be reconfigured based on different activities. Eliminates the need to purchase multiple pairs.

Equalization – Ability to directly control the equalization of the audio based on genre or album

The Potentially Hot Trends for Headphones

Custom Fit – Ear buds and headphones that feel great.

Wireless – Headphones without the cords.

Visual – Digital video to complement audio either through screens or projections.

Color – Headphones that digitally change colors, visually display beats or genre of music that is being listened to.

Music Switched by Capacitive Touch – Ability to control audio through touching or tapping the headphones to change music pieces.

Speakers –Ability to convert headphones to speakers

Bio-metric – Ability to track heart rate, etc. in order to adjust music or use in place of a health + fitness wristband

Earrings – Ear buds that look more like jewelry

Volume – Ability to set limits on volume in order to prevent hearing loss

Merged - Headphones combined with other wear-able such as hats and sunglasses.

Speech Activated – Control of the headphones through speech or voice recognition

Neck Phones – Headphones worn around the neck versus the head

Sleep – Comfortable headphones intended to be worn while sleeping on side

Solar – Ability to power headphones using the sun in order to eliminate cords

Connectivity – Instantly connects to multiple devices

Ambient Noise – Allows ambient noise to pass through for safety purposes

Customize - Ability to specify your own headphones from a list of available parts and/or features

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