The best kids' headphones on a budget

Kids aren't the most graceful creatures on Earth. They drop things, they spill things, they step on things, and so on. They're also not the best at remembering where they left their stuff. So don't be surprised if at some point your kid's headphones end up crushed, soaked, cracked, or lost. If said headphones were the Olyre Products YX230 Kids Sharing Study Headphones, then it's really no big deal.


Now, you can't expect budget headphones to be the best on the planet, and these aren't. But their 40mm stereo drivers deliver decent audio quality — suitable enough for watching cartoons or listening to nursery rhymes. The cushioned ear cups do a good job of creating passive noise reduction. The long braided nylon cord resists tangles and is strong enough not to break even after a number of drops or snags.

One of the most common issues with kids' headphones is simply keeping the things properly positioned on their ears. If I had a nickel for every time I've seen a pair of headphones slipping off my son's head, I'd be ready to roll my change. With the Olyre Products YX230 Kids Sharing Study Headphones, that ubiquitous over-the-head band design is gone. Instead, these earphones are held in place by a soft, warm headband that wraps around your kid's head.

In addition to the lightweight appearance and comfortable wearing feeling, the Olyre YX230 Kids Sharing Study Headsets have strict limits on decibels. The maximum decibel in regular mode is 85, which is also in line with the requirements of the World Health Organization.

If it is in a noisy place, Olyre YX230 Kids Sharing Study Headsets can turn on the study mode, similar to the sound insulation effect of active noise canceling headphones, the maximum decibel is only 94 decibels, and it is a dynamic earphone, the sound is not harsh, children listen to songs , Listening to English is no problem.


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