Sleep headset headscarf

  People want to sleep with music every night. If it is a dormitory or a shared rental, I have to wear headphones in order not to interfere with others. But in this way, ordinary earphones and headsets will make people who like to sleep on their sides trouble and pain, not because the head presses the ears to produce pain, or the earphone cord is entangled under the body.
  Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. recommends a pajama for everyone, which is the most comfortable earphone to wear when sleeping. This sleep headset came out in 2007 and is dedicated to helping people relieve insomnia and "second-hand snoring" problems. Sleep headphones can be connected to most devices, with a standard 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) headphone plug and a 4-foot (120 cm) cable. Li linx headscarf has a soft and washable wool texture that can be detached for washing.
   Sleeping headset originated from AcousticSheep CEO Wei-Shin Lai used to be a family doctor, often receiving consultation calls at three in the morning, and then it would be difficult to go back to sleep. Then she and her husband bought some headbands and small speakers themselves and made a prototype of a sleep headset. 
  After using them, they felt very comfortable. After that, they decided to release such a product to get rid of the trouble of ordinary headphones.

         Shenzhen Linx Technology is committed to improving product production efficiency, optimizing product structure, reducing production costs, and truly allowing domestic and foreign consumers to enjoy the best products at the lowest prices.

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