Quick order from a Australia customer

My first order- quick order from a Australia customer

Hello, everyone. this is Monica from Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,ltd.
Time flies, I have been working in this company for almost one and half a years. But i know even I become a old lady years later and forget my first beautiful skirt, I won't forget the progress to get my first order from this Australia customer forever.

As a new fish in a new company, I feel...I know all the people can guess how less the inquiry I have every day. What boring life at that time!!! But haha, as you know, god always like cute and sunshine girl. One day, a client added me on trade manager. He asked me:" hello, Monica, nice to meet you. can you advise some models to me?" This customer started sending inquiry like others, but not ended as others. he never forgot saying thank you, Monica, bye for now. I feel he is a polite and gentle man. Suddenly, one day, he shocked the talk window, gave me a big smile, Oh my god, his words seems the sounds of angle:"Monica, Thanks for your support for so long time. not only inquiries now, order now!! we get order
and will place it to your company. Pls send preformal invoice asap" OMG!!!! He
even didnt ask samples from me!! This customer placed order to me directly!!!!

We finished this order soon. He trusted me so much that he even didn't ask for plain samples and mass production samples. in this year, we still got several order from his company and cooperated very well. And every time when he will place order to us, he always suddenly shock our talk window and send a big smile to me. Then I can know the new order is coming. This is a funny joke or secerect between us.

I learned many things from this. The most important thing is that I realize that 
not every customer is too much serious, they are same to us, many ones have
 humor. and do everything and every detail carefully in every quotation, thus 
order will come to you naturally and as a surprise!

Life is a mirror, it will smile to you when you smile to it.

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