New style original wood hemp rope line is natural in-ear type small earphone

This is an in-ear earphone made of wood hemp rope recently, with a 3.5mm plug. The material of wood is natural and environmentally friendly, and the volume can be controlled by wire. The hemp rope design helps you solve the trouble of earphone wire winding.Log wind, in-ear headphones,3.5mm plug

The sound was "woody," but it wasn't the kind of smell you'd hear on the Internet, and it wasn't anything to do with warm, thick, intense enveloping. "Wood flavor" is a kind of living and natural style, its sound is very light, elegant and lively, is very natural with "morning sunshine" dyed sound.

Appearance is the log wind popular in the past two years, very many brands in stationery and home in this respect chose a warm color versatile log style, and we are no exception, no matter headset or in-ear headphones, have designed a log style. The hemp rope is arranged in an orderly and tight way so that the inner wire will not be exposed, but the earphone will not bend and hurt the inner wire because it is too tight. This is a great test of the skill of the worker and the precision of the machine. Color is also more versatile, and different colors, styles of clothing can have wonderful rationality. This headset is nearly a week out of the new production, so a lot of publicity pictures and multi-angle appearance of the picture has not been shot and made, the artist just finished a picture was xiaobian I can't wait to send everyone to have a look! Let our fans and regular customers know that we have a new product! I like this earphone very much. I don't know what you think about the appearance of this earphone. If you like, contact us by phone to order it!

Keywords:Log wind, in-ear headphones,3.5mm plug