It's there to protect a child's ear where we can't

Each child represents the crystallization of love, the fruit of happiness, they come to this world in our expectation, full of curiosity about all things, they are so innocent and lively. However, many of us are first-time parents and are afraid of doing something wrong. We also need to earn money to support our family. We cannot accompany our children 24 hours a day to pet and protect them, and we worry that our children will be hurt by curiosity when we can't see.

Our general manager of Li Lin Xin also has a happy family. Because of busy business, he goes to work with us every day in the company. Sometimes the salesmen are off duty, but the lights are still bright in his office. Parents work hard to make money every day, just to make their children's life now and later easier than we used to, I hope the children grow up without such pressure as we do. We don't have much ability, does not protect children in various fields to give good advice, we focus on research and development production headset 15 years, general manager of hope on the headset production, give the children some protection, hope that the parents did not accompany the child, not because of the curiosity of children, resulting in irreversible damage hearing, Together with our outstanding research and development team, we have created these children's headphones with a maximum volume limit of 85dB.

Headset, new headset, headset manufacturers, headset wholesale, children's headphonesThe earphones have bright colors that children like, highlighting youth, cute and lively. The glowing ears add fun to the appearance of earphones and make the use of multiple scenarios. HIFI sound quality makes the sound more soft and clear, whether listening to children's songs, or online classes, can be more clearly transmitted into children's ears, soft sound quality will not harm children's hearing. Bluetooth model of wired and wireless dual mode can ensure the security of property to a certain extent, why say so? When we are at home, we can use the wired mode to directly connect our MP3, mobile phone, computer and so on. When we go out, we do not trust our children to keep our valuables. In case we meet someone with bad intentions, what will we do? At this time, wireless mode can help us, parents holding MP3, mobile phone, etc., turn on bluetooth connected headphones, children can listen to music and play happily. Double volume control, up to 85dB, effectively protect children's hearing, so that children will not accidentally turn up the volume to harm the eardrum in the wrong use, so that parents for children to wear headphones this matter no longer worry.Headset, new headset, headset manufacturers, headset wholesale, children's headphones

Headphones retractable head beam expanding the scope of using age, also can make us in the process of the growth of children save a sum of money, not every body development lead to headphones length and size does not need to change, right the savings can give the child to do a delicious meal, buy some beautiful stationery, also can buy some toys when children are exam to get good scores reward. The headphones also have a double jack! Earphone A connection port can be connected to mobile phones and other digital products, earphone B connection port can be connected to another earphone through the cable of another earphone. It can improve children's desire to share, let children and other children have more interaction, enhance children's social skills, but also let us listen to music together when accompanying children, more to understand children's inner world, understand children's preferences.

When we can't take care of it, we hope that this headset for children can replace us to protect their hearing, to give them the company and happiness in their growth, and to help and support them in learning. Linxin cannot protect children on furniture or travel tools, which is not our professional field, but we have been responsible for the research and development of earphones for 15 years. We hope and believe that we can protect children's hearing and play a part in protecting children's growth. If you have the need, you are welcome to contact us, from the function and quality, we have been doing our best, I hope customers buy at ease, with favor.

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