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How to wear headphones

According to the wearing method, earphones is divided into two categories: earphones and earbuds. The headset is better for indoor use, and it's cool about occasional outdoor use. Portability and the weight of the indenter are the biggest obstacles; the earbuds are light and easy to store, and have better versatility, especially the TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset.

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In recent years , bone conduction/air conduction headphones that do not fit the ear have also become more popular. These earphones didn't clog the ear holes, making them safer and more comfortable to use outdoors, but are generally more expensive and suitable for the discerning.

In addition, earbuds include in-ear , semi-in-ear and flat-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones: good sealing , less sound leakage, slight passive noise reduction, better low-frequency texture and resolution. The disadvantage is that it is not breathable , and the deeper the ear, the more obvious the effect of the stethoscope .

Flat-head headphones: better sound field, natural stretch of sound, good ventilation, more suitable for oily ears. The disadvantage is that the sound insulation are general, and it will be greatly disturbed when used outdoors. So it is more suitable for use in a quiet environment; the stability is general, and it is not suitable for sports wear.

Semi-in-ear headphones can be seen as an upgraded version of flat-head headphones.

Game headphones, headset, wired headphones

Most in-ear earbuds on the market today. In fact, compared with semi-in-ear earplugs and flat-head earplugs, in-ear earplugs are not overwhelming in other aspects except for better fit and sound insulation, which can be determined according to your actual wearing comfort.

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