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How to use a bluetooth headset correctly

Here's how to use most bluetooth headsets methods:

First confirm whether the headset has power, generally charging for 2 hours is appropriate. After turning on the power, press and hold the call button for 3-5 seconds to enter the pairing mode (normally, the headset indicator light will flash), enter the phone or other connected devices, turn on the Bluetooth option, search for Bluetooth devices, such as ABCXXX, click on the device name. Make a connection. To enter a password, enter 0000.

The valid range of Bluetooth connections has three categories, the maximum connection range is 100 meters, 10 meters and 1 meter. The three types of connections are used in different products, including the characteristics of the integrated product, power consumption, and user requirements. As far as consumer Bluetooth headset products are concerned, most of the Bluetooth headset products currently on the market have an effective connection distance of 10 meters.

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How to use multiple Bluetooth phones with multiple mobile phones at the same time?
At present, the Bluetooth headset that supports multi-point connection can only connect two mobile phones at the same time, and the single part can be answered separately. The high-end products can realize the function of reading the user's mobile phone address, broadcasting the name of the calling party, and voice command function. The user only needs to say [Answer" or [Ignore" can answer or reject incoming calls for true hands-free call control.

How to listen to songs and voice chat on a computer with a Bluetooth headset?
Bluetooth headsets are primarily targeted at mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices such as tablets. The product also supports laptop products with Bluetooth chips or external Bluetooth adapters, but compatibility issues may occur during use.

What are the parameters to be aware of when purchasing a Bluetooth headset?
Headphone category (mon/stereo), product style and color, Bluetooth version, effective transmission range of headphones, wearing method, battery life, product function, anti-noise performance (refer to the number of earphone microphones) and accessories.

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Analysis and troubleshooting of the most common faults in Bluetooth headsets

1. the Bluetooth headset can not be charged

Answer A: If it is unused for a long time, it takes about 20 minutes to activate the Bluetooth headset battery.

Answer B: One of the Bluetooth headsets or the charger has been damaged. You can find the problem by connecting to the intact device and testing it.

2. The Bluetooth headset cannot be paired with the phone.

Answer A: Please confirm that the operation steps are correct.

Answer B: The Bluetooth headset is not compatible with your phone. For example, a mobile phone with a Bluetooth version of 1.1 can't be connected with a Bluetooth version with a 2.0 version.

3. Bluetooth headset and mobile phone are always disconnected after connection.

Answer A: The Bluetooth headset is exhausted and needs to be charged as soon as possible.

Answer B: The compatibility between the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone is not very good. The Bluetooth signal transmitted by the mobile phone cannot be received by the headset very well. Once there is a barrier between the headset and the mobile phone or a little further away, the headset will automatically disconnect and the mobile phone Connect and then automatically shut down.

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