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How to choose the best headphones for you

If you want to choose a headset that suits you best , you must clarify your need and focus on the real experience , so that every dollar you spend will not be wasted . Listening to music with both ears and paying attention to sound quality , HiFi wired headphones is the best choice . However , you have to think about whether you prefer listening to human voices or musical instruments . Generally , HiFi headphones can only focus on one of them , and cannot have both .

If you need to listen to music while exercising , sports earphones are the best . These earphones is more worthy of attention , such as wearing comfort , waterproof and sweat resistance , and lightness , followed by sound quality ; and in terms of anti-loss , the neck-mounted type is better than true wireless ; But if you are a traveler , the combination of true wireless + charging case has stronger battery life and is more practical .

Neck headphones, Bluetooth headphones, in-ear headphones

If you buy headphones for home game audio and video , headphones with multiple analog channels are more suitable ; if you are mostly used for commuting + office + living occasions , you need to consider whether there is a need to reduce ambient noise , choose active / Headphones with excellent passive noise cancellation , and consider whether you are more suitable for wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones .

Active noise reduction is to generate anti-phase sound through the pickup microphone + independent signal circuit , offset the ambient noise , and achieve the purpose of noise reduction . At present , many Bluetooth headsets also support multi-level noise reduction and transparent mode . However , as long as noise reduction , the sound quality must be lost , and passive noise reduction only achieves physical sound insulation by closing the ear canal . Selecting the appropriate silicone ear caps can also achieve excellent noise reduction effects . Therefore , if noise reduction is required , active noise reduction is not necessarily optional noise .

Neck headphones, Bluetooth headphones, in-ear headphones

If you want to choose the most suitable earphone for you , if you have the conditions , it is best to go to a physical store , listen to your favorite playlists , and carefully examine the overall balance of the sound quality of the earphones . According to your own preferences , the durability and ease of drive of the earphones , Wearing comfort to lock the target . This way , even with different budgets , you can always find the best option for that price point .

Keywords:Neck headphones, Bluetooth headphones, in-ear headphones