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High quality Earphones Moving iron headphones

The tri-band connection of the dynamic earphones is smoother and more natural, and the sound is more loose and natural. It is not as compact as the moving iron earphones. Listen to pop music, rock music and more.

Moving iron headphone

Moving coil headphones have a very obvious advantage-sound field. For a good open-type headset, the surround of the sound field will be very good, and it will have a good performance in restoring the sense of music atmosphere and presence; moving iron headphones Due to the limitation of its own volume and the sealed structure, the sound field will be a bit narrow compared to that without the magnificent scene.

Moving iron earphones

Although the current multi-unit moving iron headphones make up for the shortcomings of the single-unit frequency response range to a certain extent, this also requires a frequency divider to coordinate the work of multiple units, because sometimes the more interference the unit has, the more obvious the distortion is, so you need More professional tuning, this is a big challenge for headset designers and manufacturers.

Moving iron headphone

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