Headphones Manufacturer Annual Conference of 2016

2016 for headset manufacturers is a busy year, but also a year of harvest. Expanding Personnel and equipment, private model headphones become a model of global explosion, a steady stream of orders from around the world. Not only that, follow-up of the explosion of the upgraded version will also be launched in early 2017, continue to detonate the headset market.


In today's headset industry flourishing, all areas of capital have injected into the headset industry environment, as a senior but not too famous brand, is very rare, can be said to be a miracle. This is inseparable from the correct leadership of the company, many years of experience in headset production and operation, let LINX has accurate and unique judgments to the consumer market , of course, this is more inseparable from all Linx Tech family's joint efforts.

headphones show

accepting the prizes

Near the traditional year, in order to thank all staffs hard work of the whole year. Shenzhen LINX Technology decided to reward all the staff. As the recent production line is too busy, has not found the right time, no empty planning meeting. On the evening of January 10, the company decided to hold an interim meeting on January 11, 2017. From the announcement of the news to the beginning of the annual meeting only one day less than the time. I believe that the organization will have experience of the people, one-day time to prepare an annual meeting is almost impossible, but LINX Tech has done, and did a good job, all in good order. Beautiful posters, brilliant stage lighting, stunning background music, a variety of programs, generous prizes ... ... all in place within one day, the host, the performers all came from employees, they even have no rehearsal time.

the group photo of Shenzhen Linx Tech

Annual meeting, Mr. Huang Yue, chairman of the company delivered a speech. Not too many cliches, ornate rhetoric. Short speech, full of gratitude to all staff, incentives and confidence in the coming year 2017, and declared war to 2017 - "against 2017, detonated small universe." LINX’s  leaders at all levels have also come to power to express the thanks to company.

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