R & D Center Completed Decoration

The Merger and acquisition to the plastic factory has passed some time, during this period, the support of R & D centers are nervously decorated. until yesterday, the R & D center has been finished. Now the engineering department has already begun to move into this new working environment.

 engineering research & development center

Engineering department will have a larger and more completed facilities office environment.  Technical staffs of both companies will work together. This will help to strengthen the communication , improve work efficiency, optimize the allocation of resources. Although before Linx created new products of headphones and earphones, but costly. Because no plastic parts can be produced by own. From now on, Linx is not only has a headset assembly plant but also has a R & D department to design new models, create new moulds and produce plastic parts. So we can quickly get plastic parts. It can save development costs and improve efficiency. This advantage will help customers to get more orders. Linx will be the best headphone and earphone partner.

 office of headphone manufacturer

All aspects of Linx get a good performance at the beginning of this year, it expands more bigger overseas markets, the industry chain are also getting more completed , I believe our company will get greater success this year at the lead of our boss Tonny Huang. 

workshop of earphone supplier