Canadian Customer Visited Headphones Factory

On 21st September, a canadian customer who placed a big Alibaba trade assurance order came to Linx Technology's headphones factory for business. In fact, this customer had seen our headsets factory through Skype's video. Mr Frank, the sales representative of Linx was responsible for the reception, and kept in touch with canadia customer from morning to the noon until missing the lunch of company.

Around 1 o'clock, General manager Mr Tonny and Mr Frank accompanied the canadian customer to have a dinner after his arrival. As a businessman who often goes abroad, this canadian customer is very fond of chinese food. Glad to see that!

headphones supplier   customer

After the meal, Mr Frank guided the canadian customer to visit R & D center, offices, workshops, injection department, mold manufacturing department, and finally stopped at the headphones & earphones samples room. What the canadian customer ordered is a kind of aviation on-ear headset--LX-AL05. Generally speaking, aviation headphone is rather cheap, and used to be used as disposable headset and promotional gifts. However, this customer is a professional Canadian customers doing radio headsets and walkie-talkie, apparently very professional, requirements are very high, and even can be called a harsh. 

headphones factory  sample room

headphones wholesaler

As a professional headsets & earphones manufacturer, all of that will not be a problem. And this over head aviation headsets is no longer a cheap disposable headphone, but the headset with the features of lightweight, high-quality, durable. Mr Frank sum of the requirements of the Canadian customers mentioned and all given professional answers, the customer was satisfied with what we answered, and finally left with satisfied.

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