Bangladesh customers factory visit record

On August 12, 2015, Bangladesh customer TITU and other 3 persons who signed a contract of 840000pcs headphones and earphones with us came to see factory and made inspection.

having dinner with Bangladesh customer

After lunch, 13:30 we got back to our factory for site visit. Passing through production lines and only heard that machine noise, "careful" customer picked up ones just completed earphone to connect his mobile phone, until found one’s volume of left and right earbud different, after we all heard it, I asked where found it, the customer pointed out the place, it was in the unqualified zone after the functional test. Then the customer smiled awkwardly...


Then we went to warehouse to check the finished products, then three guests were busy for moving cartons in spite of the hot weather, each person separately opened cartons for inspection...After more than one hour, the guests had been sweating whole bodies, they still could not find more nonconforming products except one ’s silicon earlap was broken off, and the cable slightly longer than 1000 samples. Finally we also shew inspection report of finished products, after report data translating, they decided to take one carton back to office for complete inspection...

the headphones and earphones for Bangladesh customer

Under the critical eyes, they could not pick out more problem products. Then they wanted to go to the workshop to see again...After took around, one of the guests said our factory were very good, I asked how’s good, he answered: “Everyone here was very busy, very hard, everyone work quietly, I have been to many factories in China, the first time like this...”

Although each order more or less meet some problems, but as long as we are really to do things very deligently and seriously, we can win customers approval sometimes.

Our colleagues of Shenzhen LINX Technology Co.,Ltd , to work harder and to be better, we certainly can become the best in earphone and headphone’s industry!

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