A cartoon headset designed for children's hearing protection

Headphones on the market emerge in endlessly, but it's specially designed for children's headphones, adult use headphones, from the appearance, the function, in general, is not quite suitable for children to use, we recommend below a developed specifically for children, lam hin headset, the headset, from the quality, function and appearance design is very suitable for children.

Children's headphones,K06, headset

In terms of appearance, the earphones are designed with cartoon cat ears and built-in light-emitting LED lights. They are stylish and cute, and are popular with children and adults who like cute things.

From the perspective of color design, bright colors, high saturation colors, unique color scheme, and a variety of color deployment are more in line with children's preference for colorful colors and easy to find.

In terms of material, this earphone is made of safe and environmentally friendly material, with no smell and no poison. Meanwhile, the material is lightweight and will not bring extra sense of pressure when using.Children's headphones,K06, headset

In terms of functions, the unique sharing function can support the earphone series to other earphones, so as to carry out audio sharing. Meanwhile, the 85dB maximum volume limit speaker keeps the earphone sound within the maximum 85dB limit range, effectively preventing the hearing damage caused by excessive volume caused by misoperation.

Children's headphones,K06, headset

Summary, the fierce competition and market is becoming saturated, improve product awareness, make product competitiveness, looking for a market breakthrough is necessary to obtain future sales market factors, in the children's headphones industry, we see its competitive advantage, and I believe it can achieve good market share, demonstrating a more powerful market competitiveness.

Keywords:Children's headphones,K06, headset