What are the important parameters of children's headphones?

First , the volume limit is the most important . Professional children's headphones use volume limiting technology to protect children's hearing . According to the safe volume standard established by the World Health Organization , the maximum volume of children's headphones are limited to 85 ± 3 decibels . That is to say , using professional children's headphones , parents do not have to worry about the children's hearing damage caused by excessive volume.

Secondly , the earphone material is soft and safety is very important . Playing is the nature of children , So it is very important to be durable and strong , but also to ensure a certain degree of softness.

In terms of material safety , good earphones used soft synthetic leather ear pads , and the ear pad pads are also made of anti-allergic materials specially designed for children to protect children's sensitive and delicate skin , and some of them can be licked.

In addition , the sound quality are clear and the sense of hearing is good . Professional children's headphones do not use too much sound effect technology , and use the original original sound to let children hear the purest sound . The sound volume are just right , the sense of hearing is good , the sound quality is very clear , there is no broken sound , and it sounds very comfortable .

Finally , as a children's headset , appearance is also a factor to be considered . Bright and lively cartoon elements are attractive enough to children , can fully mobilize children's hands-on ability and creativity , and let children show their unique personality .

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