2022-02-28 Cute cat ear headphones for both children and adults
Affected by the repeated occurrence of the COVID-19 epidemic, our children's learning is also o...
2022-01-22 "If the tiger adds billions, the tiger gives power", the Linx 2022 celebration was a great
"If the tiger adds 100 million, the tiger gives birth to power." On January 21, 2022, the celebrati...
2020-01-08 New Year LINX headset factory Holiday Information
We would like to inform you that our factory will be closed from January 18th , 2020 - February 2nd ...
2019-12-14 Airline Headphones LX-AL03 Headband Headphones
The LX-AL03 model headphone whole headphone weighs 50 grams which is pretty light to put on our head...
2019-11-30 The new headphones TF Card & Inserted in memory card bluetooth headphone
It looks like a "wireless" headset, but it can be connected to a computer via an audio cable...
2019-11-26 Welcomes A New Colleague Join the Shenzhen LINX headset factory
LINX family foreign trade department welcomes a new colleague!
2019-11-23 Welcome Three brilliant students to join LINX headphone factory
Welcome Betty, shmily and shirley Join in Linx headphone manufacturers
2019-11-08 LINX sleep headphones are selling like hot cakes on amazon
Introduced today is a product that is a sleep headset, a multi-function headset.
2019-10-16 Headphone factory LINX popular electronic products at the Hong Kong exhibition
Shenzhen Linx Technology exhibited normally. Booth No., 1B15, exhibiting time, October 11th to 14th.
2019-10-12 New product - bone conduction bluetooth headset
Here we introduced below one of our new items, one amazing headphone, Bluetooth bone conduction head...
2019-10-04 Headset factory LINX Hot selling cat ear headphones
Headphone manufacturer LINX introduction of LED earphone and cat-ear earphone has successfully explo...
2019-09-28 Hong Kong Valued customer visited Linx headphones factory
A team of threes valued customers from Hong Kong visited Linx factory in afteroon of Valued customer...
2019-09-14 An LED earphone suitable for Christmas gifts
Cute headphones with Ears are an ideal gifts for relatives
2019-09-02 LINX Staff Outward Bound Training to Increase Morale
LINX from August 31 to September 1, 2019, A two-day large-scale staff outward bound training was lau...
2019-08-23 Headphone factory Gift Ideas 2019
A surprise gift, I believe you will like it!
2019-08-10 Star with a popular hot style Cat Ear Headphones
The female lead's favorite product -- gray glowing cat ear earphones
2019-08-01 High quality earphone gifts for children, Please select linx headphone factory
Earphone gifts are made up of many elements, each of which aims to evoke the desired emotion in the ...
2019-07-18 Headphone factory Staff Style
Headphone factory LINX A striking and colorful cultural wall...
2019-06-18 Multi-person real-time intercom wireless digital headset
Here is a recently completed ODM project ---- walkie talkie headset (intercom headset)
2019-06-03 New creative headphone- Glowing light unicorn headphone with petals
Linx technology combines headphone with myth legend and integrates the concept of modern environment...

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