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What you know or don't know about difference between in-ear headphones and earbuds

People who like to listen to music usually have a high quality of headphone, in-ear type (In Ear Earphones, In Ear Headphones) and earbud type (Earbuds Earphones, Tws Earphone, Headphones Earbuds) headphones are the two most popular at present, but many people cannot tell the difference between them, today we learn together about it.

aviation headset earbuds

1. Different pronunciation principles

Non-in-ear headphones are a moving-coil structure, The in-ear headphones include moving coil, moving iron and piezoelectric structure.

2. Different sound styles

Because of its enclosed design, the earplug of in-ear headphone goes directly into the ear, so the sound will be delicate and the air attenuation problem will be small.

Earbud type headphone because sound passes through air exhaustion bigger reason, bring about detail tobe not quite natural, exquisite.

In Ear Earphones

3. Different main uses

In-ear headphones, because they are close to the ear canal, can effectively block out external noise, while earbuds can't do that very well. If you're listening to music with a lot of ambient noise, an in-ear plug is a great choice.

4. About the hearing damage

People always think that in-ear headphones damage hearing, in fact, this view is in a misunderstanding. Here are many causes of hearing loss, such as the duration of listening to music, volume and so on.

Wired Earphone In Ear Earphones

In-ear headphone, because of the wearing mode, most of the noise can be isolated, so in a noisy environment, generally do not have to turn up the volume, this will have a protective effect on hearing.

Choose the right headphones to listen to different songs in different environments to better enjoy your music time.

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