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What is your mobile phone headset jack standard: OMTP or CTIA?

At present, there are two international standards for handset headphone jacks: OMTP and CTIA. In general, most international manufacturers use CTIA standards, such as iPhone headsets in the United States, Hong Kong and other international markets, while mobile phone headsets in China need to support the OMTP standard.

①、CTIA: Pin connection from left from right: left - right - ground - microphone. It is also the most popular in the market. Mobile phones, such as:  Apple (full range), Xiaomi (full range), Meizu (full range), Sony (full range), LG (full range), HTC official products, Samsung (Some models), Motorola (some models) , Nokia Lumia and WP7 series, Huawei (C8812 / U9200) and so on.


①、OMTP: Pin connection from left from right: left - right - microphone - ground. Mobile phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson (full range), ZTE (full range), BBK (full range), Coolpad (full range), HTC unofficial products (A3380, A3360, T9188, A9188, Z510D) M7500, F278, F700, F408, F490, G810, G818, G818E, i550W, 8510, i560, S8000C, i8000, M2710C, i7500U, i9000, i6500U, F809, i8000, F859), Motorola XT531, OPPO And other Chinese domestic series of mobile phones.


If a CTIA headset is connected to OMTP interface mobile phone, there will be only background sound. There is talking sound only by holding the microphone key.

In order to fit the Chinese national conditions, Apple China released Earpods with some changes, specifically for the Chinese market, to make it in line with the Chinese domestic OMTP standard.

Therefore, iPhone original headsets sod in China are different from Earpods sold in other regions. Because they support different standards, it is not surprised that may have some problems.

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