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Teachers and students of shenzhen hongling middle school visited learned from LINX technology

17th March afternoon, teachers and students from Shenzhen Hongling Middle School visited and studied in Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd.

Visit earphone factory

Visit earphones factory

Shenzhen Hongling Middle School is a key middle school in Shenzhen City. It was established in 1981. After more than 30 years of development, it has become one of the five famous schools in Shenzhen City. In 2017, the passing rate of key university entrance examination reached 81%. With the beautiful campus environment, comfortable accommodation conditions and excellent teachers, Shenzhen Middle School has become the school with the largest number of applicants each year.

Students arrived at Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd with excitement. In the company's training room, Mr. Huang Yue, the general manager of the company, shared with the students his strenuous entrepreneurial process. He went through three entrepreneurship ventures. The first and second failed but the third succeeded. His spirit of never giving up gave the students great inspiration, the students also expressed their comments/ideas, interaction is very wonderful.

earphone factory ceo

Miss Jasmine from the foreign trade department of company also Shared Japanese learning and simple communication skills with the students. Students who like animation also can use simple Japanese for reading and communication. They communicate and learn methods and experience together, it is so active and there was warm applause during the speech.

Business Japanese

Other colleagues aslo shared their experiences of Ali International Station, Express, Amazon, website optimization and promotion, international trade process and other aspects to students.

Business English

After the busy and fulfilling visit and study, the students set foot on the return journey and took photos to leave a good memory.

students field

students field

students field

try cat headphones


Group photo of teachers and students

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