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Shenzhen Linx, Ltd Passed National High-tech Enterprise Authentication

December 15th, 2015, Shenzhen Linx technology received Shenzhen technology innovation Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Commission issued by the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certificate, certificate number: SZ2015699. First time in nearly a year, in the great sages, General Manager of the company, led by the efforts of all staff, Linx, Shenzhen science and technology passed the national high-tech enterprise cognizance, on November 21th, 2016 and receive notifications through accreditation.

national high-tech enterprise

National high-tech enterprise and also known as national high-tech enterprise, according to high-tech enterprise finds management approach provides, national high-tech enterprise is refers to in national focus support of high-tech field within, continued for research development and technology results into, formed Enterprise core independent intellectual property, and to this for based carried out business activities, in China territory (not including Hong Kong, and Macao, and Taiwan area) registered one years above of residents enterprise.

Shenzhen Linx Technology

State-level high-tech enterprises that will be hard than the city-level high-tech enterprise. Government support is also great. Shenzhen Linx technology next year will be able to stay in national high-tech industrial park, many preferential policies. Of course, we will according to own actual situation to consider whether to stay.

National high-tech enterprise cognizance after the adoption of the enterprise what good is it? What preferential policies can enjoy it?

1, The district directly award: longhua district 200,000,, Baoan district, 100,000, ping Mountain 100,000, big Peng district 100,000, road, Luohu district, 100,000, road, Futian District, 150,000,, Nanshan District, 50,000,, Longgang District, 100,000; light district 300,000;

2, Tax offers policy: enterprise income tax can enjoy 15% low tax offers;

3, Talent purchase subsidies: enterprise can recommended a name employees declared 40.8 million talent housing purchase subsidies;

4, Talent rental subsidies: enterprise can recommended a name employees declared 10.2 million talent rental subsidies ;

5, Funding project: by finds of high-tech enterprise more easy get national, and province, and city levels of research funding support and financial funding;

6, Site rent subsidies: priority get Office and the industrial with to, part Technology Park, and software Park has site rent subsidies;

7, Enterprise listed financing: priority approval high-tech enterprise new ban tone, and venture board, and junior block IPO;

8, Development costs deduction: research development costs of 50% added meter deduction; formed intangible assets of, according to intangible assets cost of 150% assessment pin; Can be deducted from income tax

9, Technology transfer income: part not exceeding 5 million yuan from technology transfer, exemption from enterprise income tax portion of more than 5 million Yuan, levied income taxes;

10, Depreciation of fixed assets: accelerated depreciation of fixed assets or a one-time deduction;

11, Business loan: priority granted interest-free loans or subsidized loans.

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