New Factory, New Linx, New Origin

In a bid to provide better service to customers, a better working and relaxation environment to staffs. Chinese Known Headsets manufacturerShenzhen LINX Technology started to renew offices and enlarge earphones factory at the beginning of April.

Linx Front Desk

Linx Front Desk

LINX'S guest

Foreign visitor

It took LINX Tech one and half months to complete the renovation. After renovation, The previous factory area turned into office. LINX  family members have a bigger office with more rational layout, better facilities. 

New Office1

New Office (1)

New Office (2)

New Office (2)



training room

 More than a Training Room

karaoke room

But a Karaoke Room


Professional Photostudio 

headphones sample room

Abundant Headphones Sample room, there is always one you need.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Senior Mould Designer

Senior Mould Designer 

Shenzhen LINX Technology is a subsidiary of HongKong Lin Holdings Co., Ltd. Specializing in production of headphones up to 16 years. Not just to expand the scale, it is to develop more better products and provide better services. In addition, Linx Tech is the president unit of Shenzhen CBEC Seminar Board whose members in different industial is more than 100. This year, Shenzhen LINX Tech will release  new headsets, sport bluetooth earphones successively. Welcome to visit Shenzhen Linx Technology. Official website: Tel: 86-755-81475059.

Next time, will introduce more about shenzhen LINX Tech's earphones factory.

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