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Low Price but High-Quality Sleeping Headband Headphones

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Many people may have some habits of their own when they sleep. For example, regardless of the light or wearing clothes, it may be some abnormal habits, but only in this way can they sleep peacefully.

Similarly, there are many people who are accustomed to listening to music to sleep. Although most people need to sleep quietly, some people are accustomed to listening to music to get to sleep.

Sleep headphonesSleep headphonesSleep headphones

In fact, there are a lot of music suitable for listening before going to bed. This is not too strange a habit, but it is easy to noisy others if the speaker is always on, and it is more troublesome to sleep with headphones.

Olyre Company showed this wireless version of the headset headband, which is specially designed for listening while sleeping. It solves the problem of listening to music while sleeping. You don't have to worry about putting music at night to noisy your partner or sleeping on ordinary headphones. .

The propaganda slogan of Olyre is the pajamas for the ears. It cleverly hides the earphones inside the headscarf, so even if you sleep sideways, it will not overwhelm the earphones and feel uncomfortable. Earlier this headset was a wired version, but now this Bluetooth wireless version seems to be more convenient.

The Bluetooth wireless version of SleepPhones can continue to play music for 5 to 7 hours, and can also be set with a timer function to automatically stop playing after falling asleep. This Bluetooth headset has been listed on Amazon and is priced at about $10. Friends who are interested may wish to click on the link to purchase.

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