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Linx Sales Elites Attending the Training Held by Alibaba

On March 30th in 2017 , most Linx sales elites attended the training held by Alibaba , the training subject is How To Double The Orders , this training was held in the multi-purpose hall of Lanting Hotel in Longhua District .

alibaba training

The lecture of this training is Mrs Zheng Xiao Hong , one of the top 10 enormous influence lectures from Alibaba , this lecture mainly aims to train the newcomers of foreign trade industry .

Alibaba lecturer

alibaba lecturer

     training contents

In this training , the lecture taught 6 chapters important contents , The analysis of foreign trade macroenvironment and the growth of new foreign trade practitioners in 2017 , A complete collection of skills to develop foreign and domestic customers from Alibaba , The study and strategy of buyers’ purchasing characters from world important countries , How to increase the business opportunity conversion rate online and offline , The psychology skills of foreign trade negotiation and game , The section of answering questions and summarizing .


Finally , all our sales elites felt they got a great lift from this traing , they will use all these knowledge into our future works and contribute to our company! Linx Technology, a  headphones OEM factory in Shenzhen China, We are committed to providing better, more professional services. Welcome to contact Linx Tech, your headsets factory in China. Tel: +86-755-81475059.

The Training of MIC VIP Clients Held in Linx

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