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LINX Celebrated The Dragon Boat Festival

Canteen of Linx headphones factory was finished decorating when Dragon Boat Festival Eve.The Dragon Boat Festival is in order to commemorate the Qu Yuan.People are eating rice dumpling, egg and watching Dragon Boat Race in the Dragon Boat Festival Day. Linx Headphone factory organize a great party to celebrate the finish of canteen decoration and the Dragon Boat Festival.


Chinese zongzi

linx family

headphone factory CEO

Our CEO Tonny made a speech to appreciate all Linxer and wish all Linxer will have a nice Dragon Boat Festival Holiday.

LINX Factory Gilly

Gilly gave all Linxer best wishes and made a “Red Envelopes Rain” with Tonny in the Wechat.

Linxer were eating the rice dumpling and watching the entertainment show which Administration Department organized, and also need to note the Red Envelopes of Wechat, we were very happy in this funny party.

The end of party, some Linxer singing until deep night

group photo of LINX foreign trade department

Foreign Trade Department

Maybe they want to more happy like the last night,maybe they like the Canteen of Linx Headphones Factory, maybe they had "premeditated". On the Dragon Boat Festival day, Foreign Trade Department held a private party to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival at the Canteen. 

delicious food

Delicious Food

A Private Party

There water and electricity tables and chairs complete. There is a complete set of karaoke equipment and high-speed broadband network let us  excited and praise. It is the canteen, song room, and theater. This is the best choice for private gatherings.

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