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Learned How To Shoot a Good Product Video of Headphones

      This afternoon, several of our salesmen helped SEO shoot the Bluetooth version cat ear headphone product video. The whole process took more than an hour. Now, share how to shoot a good product video. It doesn't involve the expertise of camera.

Photography Room

Photography Room


      Shoot a good product video with several key factors:

  1. Pixel. You have to pick a number as high as a video camera.The quality of video will be affected by the height of camera pixels. As if the camera number is low, so the quality of the video will be very fuzzy. Our company has a SLR camera designed to shoot product videos, which provides the basis for our filming.
  2. Material selection. You have to be particular about the material, because many videos are not for you to see. They are mostly for others, so you have to make sure what type of video the pubic like to see and then shoot it. For example,we have shown Bluetooth function for the cat ear earphone, for Bluetooth headsets are now popular, hoping to catch the eye of the masses.

Bluetooth version cat ear headphone

Bluetooth Version Cat Ear Headphone LX-BL108

  1. Viewfinder. When shooting video, pay attention to the scene of the video match. Choose the scene where the content can be taken away from the content and the scene, so that you can't figure out who is the scene.We choose a transparent table and a white table cloth to sets off the bright colors of the products.,so that the overall effect is simple and generous.
  2. Shelf. When you need to take a good shot of the shelf, because you may have a video segment takes a lot of time for a long time, you may hand acid, then hand will shake, then this video will blur. Today, I chose the three tripod, and the whole process is much easier to shoot.
  3. The weather. You should pay attention to the weather, because the change of weather can cause trouble sometimes. We usually take videos indoors, the weather has little impact.
  4. Post production. A good video also requires elaborate post-production. Post production is not only good technology, but also in line with the public's aesthetic, in order to obtain high volume of visitors and good feedback.

      These are some of the experiences we share today. Shenzhen LINX Technology, the professional headphone manufacturer, we are committed to providing best headphones and service. To find a headphone company, buy headphones, wholesale headphones pls contact Shenzhen LINX Technology Co.,Ltd. Official website: www.headphonefactory.net, Tel: +86-0755-81475059.

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