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How To Wear The In-Ear Earphone Correctly And Steady?

Recently, the Internet came a hot and popular article , the title is how to wear the in-ear earphone correctly?

The article pointed out that most people are in wrong way to wear the in-ear earphone Over the years !!! The correct posture should be as below images?

Wear The In-Ear Earphone Correctly And Steady

Shown in the way, cable should following around the ear.

Many netizens said that this is the fallacy, and even if it is really wrong. Also would not like to change, because , for so many years, they are used to! The other netizens feel like wearing it like this way is very fashion and style, think could try look; Others said that is stupid behavior, they have always been so wearing a earphone in normal way, wear earphone straightly down, and so on. Of course, in the end , what is the right way? There is no conclusion!

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