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How to choose good TWS true wireless bluetooth earbuds?

1.Bluetooth 5.0 version: more stable, lower power consumption

In the field of TWS Bluetooth headsets, the Bluetooth 5.0 version gives headphones a higher transmission speed, lower power consumption, longer effective connection distance and greater communication capacity.

2. Mode of operation: Better use is the truth.

a. Touch control, advantages: better control of songs and outgoing voice assistants, and the sliding operation experience is more scientific.

b. Button control, disadvantage: it will squeeze the ear hole, press it will produce noise.

tws earphones

3. Automatic boot and pairing

The latest TWS Bluetooth headset supports automatic power-on and pairing, which simplifies manual operation.

4. Voice Assistant: Make earphones smarter and do more.

Voice Assistant can reduce the number of times you get out of your mobile phone. Many operations can be done with your mouth and the voice assistant's headset is smarter.

Wireless headset

5. Waterproof and dustproof: use more confidence.

At present, many TWS headsets already have certain waterproof capabilities, which can better help us cope with sweating, rain and so on. These headphones are generally IPX4 or IPX5 waterproof.

If you want more powerful waterproof, some headphones on the market also support up to 8 levels of waterproofing. In many special cases, stronger waterproofing ability means more tenacious vitality. Of course, if you are a friend who likes to swim, then it is best to choose a level 8 waterproof Bluetooth headset.

LINX has the latest 8-level waterproof, automatic boot paired touch TWS Bluetooth earbuds.

wireless bluetooth headset

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