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How many kinds of jacks are there?

Headphone jacks can be divided into the following eight types:

1、3.5 mm TRS: 3.5 mm TRS is the most common headphone jack. From top to bottom, it is left channel, right channel and grounding. It is compatible with most mobile phones and DAP.

3.5mm TRS

23.5mm TRRS: Headphones with wire control function, you will find that the jack is 4-segment TRRS, besides left channel, right channel and grounding, there is also a signal that can transmit the microphone.

3.5mm TRRS

36.3mm: The jack is a 3-segment design with left channel, right channel and ground. Due to the large area occupied, in general, it is only used on home audio equipment, which is common in two-channel amplifiers, large amps and so on.


44-pin XLR: Appears on a large amp or a home amp. It is a balanced jack. The left and right channels are completely separated, but the grounding is shared to achieve balanced transmission.

52.5mm TRRS: Some DAPs have balanced output jacks. The amplifier lines can be processed independently from left to right. The gain output is very sufficient, which not only makes the headphones easier to push, but also reduces the noise affected by the current, making the music clearer and more pleasant.

2.5mm TRRS

64.4mm: 4.4mm 5-segment is the standard for balanced headphone jacks. In addition to the positive and negative poles of the left and right channels, the grounding is also independent.


7Lightning: Designed for iOS devices, there is a lack of flexibility. However, the headset of the Lightning interface can place the DAC chip in the earphone. The earphone manufacturer can choose the DAC decoder chip to ensure that the earphone should have the strength.


8USB Type-C: Some mobile phones now need to digitally output audio signals through the USB Type-C interface. At present, it can only be said to be the "test water temperature" stage, which has not been popularized.

USB Type-C

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