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How Do I Deal With Manufacturers In China?

Deal with chinese manufacturer is not so difficult as you imagine. Nowadays, China becomes better in every aspects, living standards and education level become higher, the environment becomes more neat and hygienic. More and more foreign friends choose to settle in China. And Chinese children begin to learn English at a small age. As long as the factory did export business, the communication won’t be a problem. China has the largest number of population in the world, most of them are friendly, hoest, trustworthy, law-abiding.

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I’M here, where are you? Come on!!!

For daily communication, Chinese usually use Wechat, QQ and cellphone , and for working communication, use email, Skype, Whatsapp or other methods you want. China is a country ruled by law. Every normal enterprise doesn’t want to be involved in a dispute. Do business, communication is very important. It’s impossible and stupid to change the appearace and quality of products privately for chinese manufacturer. Why?

Before you place an order, you can get a sample to comfirm the quality and other details. If it’s ok, you can keep it and compare it with the mass products. If not, there won’t be an order. Suppose you have placed an order and found that the goods didn’t meet your requirements. The Chinese manufactures can’t receive the major payment. The lose will be as bad as you, even be worse.

Most chinese factores joined the third party platform ( Join these platform is conditional ), such as : alibaba, Made-in-China, global sources, etc. And most chinese factories rely on these platforms heavily. If there is a dispute which caused by factory parts, factory part will be punished. This is a great impact on the factory and its platform.

Shenzhen LINX Technolgoy, a professional headphones manfuacturer[1], the president comany of Shenzhen CBEC Seminar Board which composed by hundreds of superior factories in different industries in SHENZHEN China. Provides kinds of headphones, bluetooth headphones, speakers OEM/ODM services. No matter the order is big or small, the unit price of product is high or low, LINX members will do their best to finish it.

We adhere to on a base of quality, respecting, understanding with more communications to achieve a win-win situation. Welcome to visit LINX Technology. Add.: NO. 66, Huantong industrial park, Xintian Community, Guanlan Town, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, China. Tel: 86–755–81475059, Fax: 86–755–81475860. Official Website: http://www.headphonefactory.net.

Everybody has its own judgement, the best test method is to practice.

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