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Headsets Factory is Being Renovated

CEO of Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. , Mr Tonny has engaged in the headphones industry for more than 16 years, and founded the headphones factory Linx in 2008 . After 9 years of development, now has more than 6,000 square meters’ workshop and 200 staffs, with own R & D department, mold department, injection department, manufacturing department, engineering department, QC department, warehousing, sales team,etc. 2017 Linx’s global hot patented headphones: from the first version: Cell cat ear headphone , to the current rechargeable one, Bluetooth model also began trial production, will be launched soon .

headsets factory

Headsets Factory is Being Renovated

In order to improve staff's working environment and enhance our company's corporate image, and the most important is to improve the manufacturing capacity of products , so that can meet the need of big customers. The office and workshop are under upgrading from March 31st to April15th2017.

Headsets Factory is Being Renovated

After the renovation, employees in Linx Tech nology will have a more comfortable environment, include: Fitness center, karaoke room and so on, Headsets factory has a larger area, more advanced equipments, and more professional employees.

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