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Headset factory introduction Function and material of earphone speaker

Today Let me tell you a little bit about it Function and material of earphone speaker. 

(1) frame of earphone speaker

Is the installation of vibration parts, magnetic circuit and other parts of the matrix.

Support can be divided into: steel plate and plastic, steel plate material for SPCC, steel plate material thickness of 0.3~1.2MM stamping molding, surface usually processed with colorful electroplating, black, to prevent rust. Plastic material for ABS or ABS plus fiber to increase heat resistance and strength, PBT.

(2) headphone speaker of the company

In the magneto-gas loop, both hsi and iron U play a magnetic conductivity role. They can concentrate the N pole and S pole of the magnet into the gap through the loop, so that the gap generates a strong magnetic field. The coil amplitude of the voice coil is just in the middle of the gap, so the inner diameter and thickness of the iron plate are very important. Huashi material for SPCC, general surface color plating or galvanized.

(3) U cup, T iron

Iron U, iron T, ACTS as a magnetic conductor in the magneto-gas path. The Yoke is actually called a Yoke. It can be divided into two types according to its shape, the u-yoke and t-yoke.

(4) Voice coil

The voice coil in the earphone speaker can be said to be the heart of the speaker and one of the important components of the speaker. After the voice coil conducts electricity, the left hand of Fleming will move in the magnetic field, which will drive the vibration plate. The main material for copper wire, first covered with an insulating layer, and then coated with a glue.

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The glue is an alcohol-like resurrected glue. When the wire is touched with alcohol, it will regain its viscosity, thus making the copper wire stick together to form a coil. Basically the nature of this glue is similar to the material coated on the paper tube. Like paper tube, the requirements of different temperatures, glue coating is not the same, especially in high power will produce high heat, glue is strict requirements. In order to reduce the weight of voice coil, the inner part is aluminum wire wrapped with a copper layer, and then through insulation, glue and other practices of wire.

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