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Headphone manufacturer launches new cartoon headphones

As a consumer electronics product, headphones have become more and more competitive in recent years. The vicious competition in the industry is serious, and the prices in the low-end and mid-end markets are becoming more transparent and the profits are getting lower and lower. As a professional earphone manufacturer, Shenzhen Linx Technology has been producing headphones for 10 years. Since the launch of the cat headset LX-L107 in 2016, it has been developing a variety of new products. Such as: LX-R107, LX-X109 and so on. Both of them have achieved good feedback in the market.

The cat earphone LX-L107 is a headban wired headset, although there is a Bluetooth version LX-BL108. However, because this headphone adopts the CSR scheme, and the earphone itself is full of materials, the assembly process is complicated. It costs a lot more than many cheap headphones on the market. For customers who require low-cost runs, the advantages are not so obvious.

Cartoon bluetooth headset

In order to meet the requirements of more customers, expand the product line. Shenzhen Linx Technology recently launched a children's Bluetooth headset ZW29. And a variety of animal shapes at one time. Not only cat ears, but also deer ears, rabbit ears, devil horns.

Cartoon bluetooth headphones

The ears of various shapes can be replaced with each other, the earphones are made of metal ear shells, and have magnetic functions. The overall look is exquisite and cute, and it handles the problem of messing up the headphone cable.

This headset can accept OEM orders, custom packaging, logo, color. For samples and prices, please contact the headset factory Shenzhen Linx tech.

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