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Headphone Factory Shenzhen Linx---Corporate Culture Ceremony

Professional headset manufacturer Shenzhen Linx Technology has been in its 11th year since its establishment in 2008. There are old employees who have been growing with the company for seven or eight years, and there is also a steady stream of fresh blood. Keep the company alive.

Meeting new colleagues at the headphone factory

In order to meet the needs of the company's rapid development, recently recruited some high-quality talents. There are many key universities, English grade 8 and many years of experience in foreign trade.

talent show

Along the way, Shenzhen Linx Technology has also formed many unique corporate cultures. One of them is the teacher's ceremony.

headphone factory talent show

As long as it is a newly joined foreign trade clerk, the team will assign him an experienced and experienced employee as his master. Take him familiar with the product and company processes. In order to integrate into the team as soon as possible, learn from each other and do business in the morning.

Ceremony from master

Recently, Ms. Alenda, a senior foreign trade business with 8 years of foreign trade experience, joined the Linx team. Previously engaged in e-cigarettes and other industries, after a comparative study, finally chose Linx Technology. On the second day of the company, she was assigned a master, Zeron. Zeron has been with the company for more than 3 years, is familiar with the company and products, and has achieved good results.

Group photo of the headphone maker

We all believe that all the newly joined partners can quickly integrate into the team and create their own value through their own efforts and the guidance of the master.

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