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Headphone factory private model patent Unicorn Headphone

The world is composed of memories and records. Without the existence of happiness, sadness, history and perfect music, human beings would not exist. Human beings will live in a world where there is only the present, no past, no future. For example, the intellectual behavior of individuals, reading, also need the media( book) to record. Similarly, listening to music through headphones is a deeply personal experience, as if you were traveling through time and space. Earphones are the smallest, but also the largest concert hall -- spreading the widest space of the concert hall onto your desk, bed and sofa.

Here, I would like to recommend to you our latest unicorn headphones, prototype from the ancient myths and legends in the middle of the head with a single horn of the animal, it represents the noble and pure. Our unicorn not only inherits the adorable tradition of the original cat ears, but also combines the nobility and sanctity of unicorns. Unicorns can shine like in the legend. 

Unicorn headphones

HIFI sound quality, low frequency thick, medium and high tone transparent and bright, suitable for all ages. And, this earphone USES the adjustable headband, the user can adjust the earphone size according to own demand. Moreover, this earphone USES PU earmuffs, sponge filling, extreme lightness, plus earphone foldable design, easy to carry, it is a necessary for home travel.

 LED Unicorn headphones

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