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Foreign Trade Salesmen or Models?

Shenzhen LINX technology Co., Ltd. August 18th 19:00. Taking training room as stage, stuff as model, a peculiar show themed New style Headphone raised the curtain in Shenzhen LINX technology company. 

new headphones show

Left: Panda Ear Headphone

Right: Cat Ear Headphone

After a long day’s work, all staff gathered in the training room without any tiredness on their face. Newest style glowing headphones, music, lights photographer and smiling staff composed a party better than a grand fashion show. Under shining lights and backgrounded by pop music, models started their show on the simply constructed stage, and New style headphone was brought into focus with shining lights and stylish design. Other staff burst into laughter on the sight of their unprofessional and restrained posture. The whole show presented a strong sense of harmony between colleagues and the boss. Male staff wearing cat ear headphones and bear ear headphones presented a strange but pleasant loveliness.

Though the show still lag far behind those big fashion shows like that in Paris, it came with its own style. Gathering in one room, laughter, conversation, applause lingers in everyone’s ears. They are not family members but more than that.

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