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Expansion For Foreign Trade Team of Headphone Manufacturer

July is a Graduation Season, when thousands of graduates begin to step out of the campus into the society. For Shenzhen Linx Technology, it’s a rapid development year in 2017. July means that 2017 has passed half, and ushers in a new starting point.

two new colleagues of Shenzhen LINX

As early as the second half time of 2016, Linx, who is Shenzhen CBEC Seminar Board Chairman Unit, together with more than 10 other CBEC enterprises, has carried out many special recruitment of colleges and universities in Guangxi, Hunan and other places, looking for outstanding graduates as fresh blood for the company. This move has been warmly welcomed by universities in Guangxi, Hunan and received positive response. Shenzhen CBEC Seminar Board becomes university-enterprise cooperation employment training base. Tonny Huang, who is the Chairman of CBEC Association, as well as General Manager of Linx, was employed as the English Professional practice application tutor by College of Foreign Languages, Hunan University of Science and Technology. From then on, university-enterprise cooperation has opened a new model.

On 5th July, Linx headphone factory ushered 2 graduates from Guangxi University of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, there will be more than 10 outstanding graduates join Linx in a few days.

Foreign Trade Team of Headphone Manufacturer

Tonny paid high attention to arrival for the new colleagues. He gathered the Office staff and held a grand welcome ceremony for them. Each colleague as well as leader gave a brief introduction about himself, and expressed a warm welcome to the new colleagues and said a lot of sweet words of blessing. Hope the new colleagues can be integrated into the LINX family as soon as possible, adapt to the new environment and job earlier, play what they have learned in school and show their talents.

Linx is a professional headphone factory, as well as a big warm family. Welcome to join us, and also welcome to visit our factory to discuss cooperation.

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