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Buy game headphones, USB port or 3.5mm port?

一. 3.5mm interface  

3.5mm plug refers to the coaxial audio plug with a diameter of 3.5mm.  Generally speaking, there are 4 sections with MIC, and 3 sections without MIC.  The 3.5mm4 section plug of the national standard edition, the three sections of the insulation ring are black.  The first, second, third and fourth sections are left channel/right channel /MIC/ ground.  The 3.5mm plug of the American standard edition counts sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the front of the audio line, which are left channel/right channel/ground /MIC respectively.  

In addition,  

ø 3.5mm interface connection process is fast and simple, basic plug and play, also suitable for a variety of mobile devices;  The first USB connection requires the installation of a driver, a longer time, is generally used on the computer.  

ø 3.5 Headphone jack is easy to aging, and electric current sound will appear after a long time.  USB is more durable and has more holes. Game headphones

二, USB interface  

USB interface can support more game headset features:  

1).The game strengthens the sound.  USB can have a built-in DAC decoder (Digital to Analog Converter, which converts Digital signals into analog signals in the form of current, voltage or charge).  Game makers often add special software to headsets to enhance sound performance, such as stereo surround sound using virtual 7.1 multichannel systems.  

Some manufacturers will configure independent sound card, high-end game headphone sound card driver is more powerful than the motherboard sound card driver, more functions, debugging more detailed, can meet the needs of each environment.  Some manufacturers will build audio processing software directly into the USB cable.  

Of course, most of the USB game headsets on the market are only used to transmit signals to the headphones through the USB port, but the software is important, not the USB port.  

(2).Multi-function wire control.  In the process of playing games, time can not be lost.  Gaming headphones usually require a multifunctional control button.  In this way, audio adjustment can be carried out without computer operation, and even blind operation can be realized, saving time.  3.5 Audio interface wire control can adjust the volume, and USB can also control the microphone switch, switch the preset sound mode, etc.  

(3).the lights.  The cool lighting effect of the game headset requires USB power supply, and the 3.5 port cannot supply power.  

(4).The vibration effect of game headphones also requires power supply and software conversion. For example, the SVE intelligent vibration effect of The MAk G951 PINK needs to capture audio signals and convert the sound into vibration signals, so as to achieve the effect that the vibration size changes intelligently with the audio level.  


(5) .Active noise reduction and other functions.  

In short, USB interface can realize the diversified functions of game headsets and has obvious advantages in professional e-sports headsets. Therefore, many manufacturers still prefer USB interface despite the lack of convenience.  The 3.5mm interface is suitable for more mobile devices.  

We choose according to the functional requirements of game headphones.  Not enough now many headphone manufacturers will configure dual-port, when buying pay attention to the product introduction.  


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