A Kick-off Meeting For Sales Performance

In order to improve the sales performance of the whole foreign trade department,Shenzhen Linx technology Co.,Ltd, a professional earphone factory, held a kick off meeting for sales performance yesterday afternoon.The manager of foreign trade department two,Miss Olivia presided over the entire meeting.

headphone supplier's manager

Everyone set themselves a suitable goal combined with their own actual situation and  previous sales performance.But there was no exception,All of them set a goal a little bit higher.

Before the meeting,a dance called "The rabbit dance"

team member of earphone manufacturer

Team members encouraged each other,increased morale,declared war on their goals. 

general manager headphone manufacturer

Cheers for the goal

members of headphone supplier

This kick off meeting content was very rich and interesting, it completed successfully.Every team member was full of morale and passion.More important is that each of them has his own goal,and they can work towards the goal in future.The goal will not only be pressure,but also be motivation.Hope everyone can finish their goal.We are a professional headphone manufacturer,we have the strength,passion,also have the confidence!Welcome to visit our official web site http://www.headphonefactory.net

meeting room of headphone manufacturer

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